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Platinum is precious, resistant and radiant. It is unique and beautiful, such as the world around us. It can be both, clear and hard. Just like us, our substance, our lives. As it is worth to enjoy the life at the maximum.

clear water

Crystal clear water from pristine mountain springs provides it with unparalleled smoothness and elegance.

First class

Premium quality of wheat selection forms the basis of perfect experience full of smooth taste and distinct nature.

Purified by

Thanks to the sophisticated production technology and cooling it down to -3 °C, we eliminate any impurity from Vodka Platinum 78.

Filtered by

Vodka Platinum 78 is multiple filtered using high quality platinum filter technology.

platinum 78

Vodka Platinum 78 has higher ambitions. At the World Spirits Awards 2017 it won the golden medal in the competition of vodka brands from all over the world.

is the best

Vodka Platinum 78 transforms moments with friends into spectacular experience. It makes them more precious and unique, just like the platinum itself.

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